Binaural Audio in Virtual Reality Games

The current state of Audio in entertainment

In cinema and games the use of visual and audio has been thoroughly studied and applied over the years. It is commonly known that the power of atmospheric songs and sound effects are crucial in horror films. I am sure that many of you have watched scary movies in great fear and have noticed that turning the sound off gives a totally different experience. Without sound we usually tend to be able to watch movies with a lower stress level and a lower heart rate, meaning we become less prone to being scared in typical jump scare situations.

Sound in computer games are a key component for creating an immersive experience where your actions match the visual queue. Traditional games played on a monitor or a TV have sound that usually emerge from a left and right speaker. This makes it possible to position sound over a horizontal scale when the game features stereo sound. Many games use e.g. 5.1 surround sound to play sound effects around you based on a more advanced speaker (or headphone) setup. Such a setup allow for more complex sound positioning using audio mixing to enhance your experience.

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